Let Us Be Your Internet Marketing Training Partner

Are you a business trainer or organization looking for a way to educate your own clients in the vast, essential and continually changing field of Internet Marketing?

…Perhaps a Chamber of Commerce, a Microenterprise group, a Small Business Development center or regional agency.

At a time when your own budget is stretched, and your staff is occupied with implementing existing programs…

You can now offer a comprehensive and affordable Internet Marketing Program  to your clients with the Take Control Video Training Course

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We work WITH you to insure the success of your trainers, your clients and your members.

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We have worked with associations and business development centers all over the country. We understand that your small business clients are building skills on the run and need a training system that fits their busy life as well as their need for the latest, most relevant information.

We know internet marketing. We have presented training workshops and worked with small local business owners for many years. See Joanne Steele’s client list here. View a selection of Kim Solga’s web clients who are managing their own websites.

Joanne Steele’s blog, RuralTourismMarketing.com is read by small business owners and rural development specialists all over the world.

Kim Solga is a recognized authority on small business website creation. She has helped hundreds of small business owners create effective websites that get results.

Click to read more details about the six module Take Control of Your Internet Marketing training program.

We know that your relationship with your clients is the foundation of your organization.

As your internet marketing training partner we can:

Expand your services to your clients without having to expand your training staff.

It’s flexible. Your clients can complete the online video lessons at their own pace, building their internet marketing capacity with each lesson. New lessons are opened each week. The entire six module program is designed to be completed in approximately six months.

It’s affordable. Your clients will get top-notch comprehensive internet marketing training at a price any business owner or start-up can afford. Currently, the price is $4.95 per month. Once they sign up, the price will not increase for them as long as them maintain their monthly membership.

Or, we can work with you to give your clients and staff access for a yearly group  fee that you can easily include as part of a grant application.

Expand your funding opportunities with another metric for measuring your business clients’ successes.

Internet marketing works when a comprehensive training program is implemented. You can begin to gather data on their internet marketing success to include in annual reports and grant applications. Data including :

  • Clients’ search engine placement before and after training.
  • Website performance effectiveness.
  • Online reputation management successes
  • Social media relationship management data
  • Email marketing statistics
  • Success to time spent ratio for internet marketing efforts.

Continue to manage your clients and their needs.

As part of a group access program, your trainers will have free access to Take Control content, so that they can provide technical assistance beyond what members receive from the Take Control staff. We can also open up the training videos to your individual staff members if you decide to have clients join by paying for their own membership. Internet marketing is one piece of a total business development service. We want your clients to see us as your partner.

Your clients will have a sound basis for any additional intermediate and advanced internet marketing trainings you want to provide. To better serve your experienced clients, we encourage you to suggest that Take Control become  a prerequisite for advanced trainings.

We respect your agreements with email marketing services that provide you free usage in return for recommending these services to your clients. Our general email marketing techniques are compatible with any service, and we will refer your clients back to your trainers for specific assistance with usage of your email service.

Thanks, Joanne for your great tips and posts (at RuralTourismMarketing.com). Your training was a real boost for our clients. You’re an excellent training partner! 
Herb Lawrence, Center Director, Small Business and Technology Development Center in rural  Arkansas.

As your internet marketing training partner, we are available to you for staff training and technical assistance.

We will be available as your internet marketing consultant with services  including

  • marketing consultation
  • evaluation of your organization’s internet marketing efforts
  • telephone consultations with staff and trainers
  • live webinars on any aspect of internet marketing.

Internet technology is in constant flux, with changes to search engine algorithms announced almost every month, and new social networking options gaining popularity every few months. We monitor the internet, and constantly update our lessons to reflect changes that could impact small local business success.

Call for more information and to receive trial access to the video lessons:

Joanne Steele


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