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Become a Take Control of Your Internet Marketing Partner

Why Chambers of Commerce should encourage businesses to become internet marketing experts.

The internet is a small business owner’s most valuable tool in the history of marketing.laptop balanced on a finger

  • It is affordable for even the smallest business.
  • It has transformed marketing from an expensive distraction and interruption process to an low cost attraction process, because everyone’s customers are already online looking for goods and services!
  • Without a fancy degree, anyone can become a skilled and successful internet marketer.

Have you considered how you could offer your members the internet marketing training they need at the price they can afford?

Your Chamber is a trusted partner, helping to build a thriving and successful business community.

By adding a comprehensive internet marketing training program to your chamber benefits package, you can build a community-wide web of tech savvy marketers.

  • It will help each participating business to become more successful.
  • It will elevate your entire town’s visibility on the web.

We at Take Control of Your Internet Marketing would like to offer a solution. We have created an internet marketing training program specifically designed for small local business owners. We love to work with your local web masters, referring clients for tech support.

If internet marketing is so important, you might ask, “Why are so many small town businesses ignoring this valuable marketing asset?”

1. It’s overwhelming.

One of the biggest complaints from locally owned business people is that they just don’t know where to start. Website? Facebook? SEO? Google? Mobile? QR codes? With a whole new language to learn, and no clear pathway to success, many business owners can’t see how to break into this new medium.

2. Who has time??

Who has the time to learn a whole new marketing strategy while keeping up with all the things that small local business owners have to manage?

3. Rural broadband access is still limited.

In the 21st century, broadband access is as important to rural areas as electricity was in the early 20th century. Your town may have it, but nearby rural areas don’t. It is easy for a rural business owner to lose site of the fact that the world is now powered by the internet, and that even rural customers are turning to the internet and their smartphones for information rather than traditional sources.

We have addressed the time factor.

Take Control of Your Internet Marketing is a comprehensive training program that your members can access online at their convenience. They can spend a few minutes a day building their internet marketing skills and understanding.

In early lessons they will build an online presence and manage their online reputation that will bring immediate results. They will grow their internet marketing competence, as each lesson builds on the skills learned in previous lessons.

They will even learn a step-by-step process for creating and maintaining their own website, something even your smallest business now needs.

We make internet marketing understandable and approachable instead of being overwhelming.

Rather than being confused about all the tech terms and new social media options, they will begin to understand how internet marketing serves their business.

While we can’t solve the problem of broadband access in rural communities, we can give rural businesses the skills to demand better access from their elected representatives. In the United States, demand drives access, and a significant community of tech savvy business people will be demanding!

We like to work with chambers of commerce.

You represent your business community and are successful if that community is successful.

We are also in the business of building success. As part of your chamber benefits package your local business members will be offered our special membership rate of $4.95 a month. Once they join, that price will never increase. They will continue to have access to our lessons and our expertise as long as they maintain their monthly membership.

Here is how you can become a Take Control of Your Internet Marketing partner:



Learn the simple and doable steps to taking control of your internet marketing