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How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Years ResolutionsThe excitement of the New Year’s resolution season has worn off and we’re all starting to examine that (or those) resolves in the cold light of day and wondering what we were thinking!!

Years ago I worked with a planning expert who taught that there were two levels of resolution or goal creation.

There are GOALS, which are solid things with a specified date of completion, and there are GLEAMS, which are wishes on steroids.

New Year’s resolutions are GLEAMS. They are the things we would really love to accomplish, but reality steps in and shows us we may have tried to bite off more than we could possibly chew.

So, we don’t follow through with them, and to save ourselves from feeling like failures, we make jokes about it.

How to turn New Year’s Resolutions into action

Lee Berglund taught,”A goal has a specified date of completion. The subconscious mind does not know whether you are being, doing, having it or just visualizing it! We have not achieved our goals in the past because we were not taught how to set them.”

This year, instead of unresolving your New Year’s Resolution, turn it into goals. Looking closely at it, you’ll see that often it’s a GLEAM with many parts.

Sample Resolution #1 – I’m going to lose weight.

Look at how many parts that GLEAM has. A. Eating better. B. Exercising more. C. Giving up soft drinks or wine or fast food or chocolate. And D. and E. and on and on.

Sample Resolution #2 – Make more money.

By being a part of Take Control of Your Internet Marketing you’ve already committed to one Goal – A. Learn how to use internet marketing effectively. What about B. and C. and D? Are you going to tackle those this year?

Lee Berglund has posted a useful bit of information called “The Gift of Time” at the La Belle Institute website. It teaches the difference between managing time and managing activities. One is completely unmanageable and the other is completely under our control

That link is my New Year’s gift to you. Download it and put it somewhere where you’ll see it once in a while. Mine is on the front of my frig.

What did you resolve to do this year, and how’s it going?

NOTE: I wrote a post last week at that I should have posted here instead. It’s a how-to piece on setting up and keeping strong passwords. Please check it out:  New Year’s Resolution: Get Serious About Internet Security


photo on Flickr by Colleen Galvin Thanks Colleen – Good luck with those resolutions!!