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Online Reputation Management: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down

pants down around anklesEverything you are learning at Take Control, both here on our blog and in the training videos, will help you build your online reputation and increase your positive online visibility.

This article at on local search tactics pointed up some interesting methods people are using to increase their business’s online visibility. Some small local business owners in metropolitan areas are going to the drastic extent of moving their physical business location to a more popular part of their city!

Being a local small business owner from a small town, you will never have to go to that extreme. But you do need to get busy and establish your online presence. That is what Module One at Take Control is all about.

Taking control of what is being said about you right now seems so simple, many people want to ignore these techniques in favor of the flashier internet marketing social media options like Facebook pages and of course, fancy websites.

But if your goal is to grow your business and make yourself more money, you need to lay the foundation for your internet marketing success, and that involves establishing your total internet presence – things you do yourself like maintaining a quality website, and things that are done without your knowledge or direct permission like review sites and directories.

You need to show up everywhere possible. You need to claim your business wherever it is being listed or talked about.

You need to show up on directories, both general and specific to your industry and geographic location.

You need to be continually managing your reputation online. Large companies are paying big bucks to have someone else do their reputation management. You can do it for yourself and your business in a few minutes a week at no cost. But you need to be doing it.

No, taking control of your online reputation isn’t very flashy compared to a workshop on how to get a zillion likes for your Facebook page. But if your goal is making more money, you’ll reach that goal faster if you start by taking control of what is already being said about you online.

Facebook likes are great, but we’re building an internet marketing strategy that you can trust to grow your business. Facebook and other social media are the cherry on top. We are starting with the foundation – that oh so important vanilla ice cream that makes every sundae worth digging into.

So, get started right now by googling yourself. What did you discover that surprised you? Was your biggest surprise that you didn’t find anything at all, or that you uncovered an unflattering review that is years old?

Once you’ve discovered what’s being said, your reputation management strategies need to kick in.

You need to be responding to any negative reviews and comments and acknowledging any positive ones.

If you discovered that you don’t as yet have much of an online reputation to manage, you must get busy and build one. You need to generate some positive reviews and comments from your loyal customers.

Need to know what to do next? Check out Module One here at Take Control. You won’t find better advice and training anywhere on the net

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