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With all the recent changes to some of the major marketing tools I’ve included in the Take Control of Your Internet Marketing videos, I’m having to make some major business decisions. I cannot create and upload new videos fast enough to keep up!

So as of September 1st, access to all Take Control videos will be free of charge. There is much valuable content on the site that is not affected by the flurry of updates and changes to services and platforms including Google, Facebook, and the WordPress theme, Thesis.

Here’s how to proceed to get the most out of Take Control of Your Internet Marketing:

1. Don’t skip anything. Google Places is still the foundation of your relationship with Google who, as I said in the video, rules the world. Organic search still is your most valuable tool for reaching your customer and Google Places gives you an opportunity to tell Google who you are and exactly what you do, in your own words. The look of the Google search page has changed dramatically in the past few weeks which would require some major updates to the videos that I don’t have the time to do. But the basic, simple steps outlined in the video lessons for keeping your search placement has not.

2. Everything in the videos about review sites is spot on. Use the information to establish and maintain your review site listings. The review sites themselves will change their look, but your ability to access your listings and respond to reviews and the importance of those responses will not.

3 The importance of targeting your Perfect Customer becomes more important every day. The marketing lessons in Module 2 will continue to be the most important information at Take Control. Those of you who are doing the hard work of Id’ing your customers, digging into their needs and wants, likes and dislikes will benefit. Digging into your own business and matching the solutions you offer to those customers, and discovering the keyword phrases most often used to search for those solutions is now an essential activity for business success.

4. Facebook has changed dramatically. The lessons about Facebook in Module 2 will help you get comfortable if you’re one of the 2 people in the world who isn’t using Facebook. With Graph Search and the new updates to the News Feed, it is essential for any business wishing to reach customers through Facebook, to have a business page. It’s hard for a small business owner to keep up with all these changes, and even harder to keep training video material current! Uncle!! I can’t do it any longer. If your customers are on Facebook, you need that business page, and to keep up with changes, you’re going to need to follow the Facebook for Business Blog.

5. Your website. Module 3 still have an incredible amount of content that will help you be successful. Thesis, the WordPress theme used in the training has morphed into a new product called Thesis 2. It is an incredibly powerful tool for effortlessly keeping your website’s relationship to search engines and WordPress current.  We are keeping the video tutorials using Thesis, but recommending now that the “Twenty family” of free themes from WordPress are an excellent alternative for your small business website.  From “Twenty Eleven” through “Twenty Seventeen,” WordPress has presented a fabulous new theme each year. These themes are upgraded on a regular basis, so they retain their ability to work seamlessly with new versions of WordPress.

As for the marketing lessons in Module 3, they remain simple, doable and powerful. You will learn how to format your pages for search engines, no matter which WordPress theme you use. You will be less likely to adopt an expensive website design that had lots of bells and whistles, but less solid built-in SEO benefit that will attract your customers. You will know what technical steps to take to update an underperforming web page, and how to use the basic WordPress platform, no matter which theme you use.

6. Finally, you’ll have everything you need to start blogging successfully and effectively.

All the pieces for successful internet marketing are here, and they’re yours without further charge.

These are the exact steps that my private clients are using to build successful businesses. If you would like more individualized assistance to reach your business goals, please call or email. I have determined that I’m happier working with small business clients than trying to stay on top of Facebook and Google’s next move!

I will continue to blog on internet marketing as I come across tools that will help small local business people. An example is the latest free ebook from HubSpot on Facebook’s newsfeed. Go to Access the Crash Course to the Facebook News Feed. HubSpot has tons of free helpful information and a huge staff that keeps up on all these changes.

Thank you for your membership.


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