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I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the outstanding “Take Control of Your Internet Marketing” online course. The pace of the course is perfect.  In two short weeks I have successfully listed my business on Google Maps, secured a Google Places listing and have set up keyword Google Alerts that let me know immediately when my business or industry news is available. I look forward to each lesson as it is released. Cheers, Janice

laptop balanced on a fingerIt is a rare small local business that isn’t anxious these days about internet marketing.

You know it is important. You use the internet yourself for research, shopping and catching up with your friends.

You see other businesses using internet marketing and you feel like you’re falling behind. You work so hard to reach those customers, but where are they! They’re all searching online!

But what to do, where to focus your time, and how do you learn the skills necessary to feel in control of an internet marketing strategy is hard to figure out on your own?

With a little help, you know you could take control of your internet market and start seeing the benefits you hear are possible.

That’s where we come in. We have designed an Internet Marketing  Training Program just for people like you. It is delivered to you in simple, doable video lessons that build your skills and understanding.

With the completion of the first lessons you will begin to see immediate results.

We start with the Internet Marketing Basics and build your profits from there. Taking Control means:

  • You feel confident that you know and are in control of what is already being said about you online.
  • You know who your customer is and where he or she hangs out and is searching.
  • You know how to create, manage and update your professional quality website.
  • You understand what social media is important to your business success and what is not.
  • You know how to manage your internet marketing time to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

It is offered as a free resource from Rural Tourism Marketing Group, so dive in! Tell your friends.

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Our pros have lived and worked in small towns. They are internet experts and seasoned trainers.

You may have read Joanne Steele’s blog, It is clear  that Joanne understands small town local  business owners and knows what local businesses need to do to make internet marketing work for them.

You may have heard that it is possible to save money by managing your own website. With an easy to update WordPress business site and help from our small local business trainer and web expert Kim Solga, you’ll be able to take control of your own website and save money.

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